“Every heart is full of creative material. ​There are depths in us hungering towards the light.” – John O’Donohue

My name is Geralyn and I am a lifelong creative. As a child I dreamed of illustrating children’s books and in my youth, of being a fashion designer or advertising executive. Despite the natural inclination toward the visual, I did not pursue formal training in it but instead followed my heart into words and ideas in Theology, and later Spirituality. 

But nothing is wasted as I have learned, since creativity is a wellspring of discovery. Calling myself an artist is something I am getting used to, since art has always been a private practice, my therapy, and a way of praying. The spiritual person in me will say that living a creative life, and claiming my identity as an artist, is part of my calling. I see beauty in the ordinary as well as the spectacular, from cutting potatoes to appreciating a masterpiece. Even getting dressed for the day is a creative process because it requires attention and aesthetic, but mostly, heart. I am also a writer, so if you like to read or to learn more about me, feel free to read my thoughts on my blog. I am also on Instagram under @summagrafika.